Thanksgiving has come and gone; our bellies are full and it’s time to burn some calories, but we’re not going to the gym; we’re going to hook into some cobia, big snook, hard pulling redfish and gator trout. Fall / Winter Fishing has arrived in Tampa and Tarpon Springs and I’m excited to say it has started out perfect. We’ve had a some cold fronts and it’s brought the water temps to right around 62-65 degrees depending upon where you are in the bay. Bait is hit and miss in the bay, so make sure you put some shrimp in the boat and some days that’s all you ‘ll need as everything is eating shrimp right now. on my last trip, I fished the incoming tide. We had very low tides due to a strong North wind, so I had to fish the outer edges and drop-offs. IT was a good pattern as the fish were there and we landed a lot of snook and even a nice 38″ cobia. Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are looking for a good lure to ask for, get a 4″ Paddle Tail ZMan MinnowZ in a couple of different colors. I’ts a great trout lure for late December and January. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry for not posting a report in a while and keeping this one shore, but the bite’s been too good to be on the computer. Hope everyone has a great 2019 and here’s wishing you tight lines and bend rods all season.