Tampa Bay – Tarpon Springs Fishing Report
Summer is over, the kids are back in school, but the fishing, like the weather, is still red hot! Yep, we’ve broken records the past few days in Tampa, with temps from 93 to 97 degrees. Only thing cool about this hot weather is that the fish don’t seem to mind, and the fishing has been outstanding. I’m happy to say the weather is going to get right in about two weeks according to the weather man. We should be back in the mid 80’s soon and I for one am very happy about that. So, enough about the weather; let’s talk about how good the red fishing is; it’s downright awesome! Large schools of redfish have made their way into Tampa Bay and we’ve had many trips with plenty of redfish hookups. Only thing spoiling the fun is Redfish and Snook are closed except for catch and release only till May. Since we had red tide off our coast South and North of us, they decided to put into effect a closed season on both fish.
There was a large amount of fish killed south of us, but here off our beaches it was not as bad as it was further south of us and I can say that I didn’t see any red tide in Tampa Bay and I’ve been on the water quite frequently. I’m pretty sure the red tide stayed offshore and near our beaches and didn’t make it into Tampa Bay. I think it pushed a lot of fish into Tampa Bay and that’s why the fishing right now is so good. Next up, let’s talk about snook fishing; it’s been off the chain, where most days we’re catching a lot of fish in the 18-25″ range with a few hookups of fish over 30″, but landing them sometimes can be tough, but that’s fishing. Lastly, if you’re looking for some fish to take home for dinner, the Mangrove Snapper bite has been the best I’ve seen it in years and they are so tasty.
Fall is not far off and I’m sure like everyone else we’re ready for some much cooler temps and the fishing is going to be even better than it is now, and it’s good now, but I won’t mind the cooler temps, that’s for sure.
So, if you’re heading to Tampa, – Tarpon Springs Area, then give me a ring and we’ll set up a Tampa Bay Fishing Trip for you.
As a fishing guide of 15 years, I have the tools and knowledge to ensure you a professional inshore fishing trip.
See you on the water!
You R2B Fishing with Capt. John.
Hope to see you on the water. Tight Lines.
Capt. John